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This is what our employees say

It is a good thing that companies recognise how important it is to have a healthy culture to ensure the well-being of their employees and managers. With customized solutions for personal, work-related, family-related and health-related questions, the Fürstenberg Institute helps companies to benefit from its innovative and well-connected counselling and further development concepts. In this respect, I aim to contribute to companies feeling that they are getting confidential, high-quality services.

Anne Brentführer, Sales and Customer Management
Portraet von Anne Brentfuehrer

Portraet von Steffen Burger

As a counsellor, coach and trainer at the Fürstenberg Institute, I take a particular interest in developing and shaping needs-based and targeted solution strategies with our customers. Our innovative and well-connected counselling concepts help to boost the levels of satisfaction and performance among the employees and managers of our contracting companies.

Steffen Burger, Trainer and Counsellor

The Fürstenberg Institute attaches great value to a healthy corporate culture. For this reason, an appreciative and trust-based interaction among the staff is extremely important. We lay the foundations for this corporate culture in our recruitment policy and employee support. I am always happy to offer assistance to our in-house employees. I take great pleasure in seeing how they respond to new challenges and fulfil their potential.

Anne-Kathrein Brückner, HR Consultant
Portraet von Anne-Kathrein Brueckner

Portraet von Martine Pazelt

Fortunately, more and more companies are placing their focus on the satisfaction and performance levels of their employees and managers. Many people find it easier to develop their full potential with some neutral assistance from outside their company. The systemic counselling provided by the Fürstenberg Institute practical, needs-based and unbureaucratic solutions to both daily and specific questions and problems.

My aim is to build a sense of trust with our clients from the very first contact with them. A friendly atmosphere, trust-based interaction and openness can make the first step to us easy. 

Martine Patzelt, Customer Service

My personal aim is to address our customers with warmth and understanding, and to offer them practical, needs-based and unbureaucratic assistance in all their concerns.

Simone Curtaz, Sales and Customer Management
Portraet von Simone Curtaz

Portraet von Dorothea Fink

The focus of our anonymous counselling is on providing needs-based and unbureaucratic assistance to all the employees and managers of our contracting companies. My respectful approach towards all clients creates the necessary trust and openness required to establish individual, customized solutions later on.

Dorothea Fink, Customer Service



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