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Counselling topics for employees and managers

What concerns employees?

All employees have their own stories. Our counselling topics are as varied and wide-ranging as life itself. The clear objective is always to approach the challenges from the different aspects of life and work with a focus on solutions. The purpose of this is to reduce stress levels, activate people’s potential and free their minds again.

The counselling can be used for all kinds of topics, including the following:

    • Conflicts
    • Dealing with changes
    • Stress and overwork
    • Career perspectives
    • Difficult meeting situations
    • Dealing with mentally stressed colleagues
    • Partnership
    • Separation and divorce
    • Single-parent issues
    • Questions on raising children
    • Stress of caring for family members
    • Preparing for retirement
    • Personal crises
    • Stress symptoms
    • Sleep disorders
    • Depressions
    • Burnout
    • Exhaustion
    • Help through illness, death and mourning
    • Alcohol problems
    • Excessive consumption of addictive substances
    • Medicine and drug problems
    • Addiction to gambling
    • Addiction among family members or colleagues
    • Hospital referrals
    • Social skills
    • Emotional stability
    • Time- and self-management
    • Self-confidence
    • Different expectations after starting professional career
    • Process of growing up
    • Generational issues

After just one counselling session, many clients feel much more productive.


What topics do managers have?

The demands on managers these days are enormous. Managers are now much more than mere bearers of knowledge. They are expected to be visionaries and concept developers, diagnosticians and conflict arbitrators, movers, shakers and excellent decision-makers. No one can perform different roles to the same high level. However, if a high-potential member of staff gets caught up in a conflict, burns out or leaves the company, a major investment is needed to fill the vacant position. Inner resignation and presenteeism also cause companies in Germany huge costs every year.

For challenging situations in everyday leadership, the Fürstenberg Institut offers professional management counselling from specialist counsellors on the following topics, among others:

  • Dealing with physically or mentally stressed employees, and employees with addiction issues
  • Assistance during conflicts in the team or high stress levels in the department
  • Preparation for difficult meetings
  • Change processes
  • Women in leadership
  • Other difficult leadership topics, incl. high absenteeism, lengthy absence from work due to health issues, and death

Further services for managers:

Leadership Assistance Progamme (LAP)

Leadership Health Coaching

as an opportunity
for leadership tasks



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