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Fuerstenberg Institut Referenzen

References for the Employee Assistance Program

This is what our customers say:

Many renowned companies – from global players to small and medium-sized enterprises from almost all industries – use our institute’s Employee Assistance Program as well as the related services from the Fürstenberg Academy, the Organisation Consulting department and the Fürstenberg Work-Life Service. We are very proud of their feedback. 

The various formats and services in the Employee Assistance Program, which were also provided on our premises, and the Family Service ensured that our employees always had a flexible, reliable and competent partner at their side. Together, we managed to overcome some real challenges because the Fürstenberg Institut was always able to adapt to our individual needs. We appreciate the high level of quality and feel that we are in excellent hands.

InfraServ GmbH & Co. Knapsack KG, Hürth

Managers often face difficult decisions and shoulder great responsibility for the well-being of an entire team. Even experienced managers sometimes hit their limits. In order to give our managers some new impulses and support from external specialists, we decided to book the Employee Assistance Program from the Fürstenberg Institut.

Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege, Hamburg

Logo-Mix der Fuerstenberg Kunden

Since the counselling sessions from the Fürstenberg Institut began, our employees have been much happier and are more motivated at work. We have even noticed that absenteeism has fallen. 

Neukölln district office, Berlin

We are highly satisfied with the Employee Assistance Program. Our employees have responded well to this service and regard it as helpful. For us as a company, it is also important to gain an insight into the situation thanks to the anonymised, aggregated information that Fürstenberg provides us with every year.

Sasol Germany GmbH, Hamburg

We had been looking for a trustworthy service provider for a long time that could offer our employees and managers counselling for both work-related and private problems and issues. In the end, we chose the Fürstenberg Institut and that was a decision that we have never regretted – thank you for your counsellors’ excellent work.

Basler AG, Ahrensburg

An important and valuable service for employees who wish to have some support for work-related and private matters. We greatly appreciate the Fürstenberg Institut as a reliable and high-quality partner!

XING AG, Hamburg

With regard to the change processes, our managers are happy to be able to refer our employees to the assistance offered by the Fürstenberg Institut. Many colleagues report positively about the supportive employee counselling. The Fürstenberg Institut is now a core component of our employer branding.

Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, Hamburg

The quality of the counselling from the Fürstenberg Institut is extremely high. Many of my staff have told me how happy they are that I made them aware of the employee counselling services offered by the Fürstenberg Institut.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Hamburg

The reconciliation of work and family life is not an alien concept for us. We understand the value of having satisfied and healthy employees.

The Employee Assistance Program and the Family Service from the Fürstenberg Institut have been well accepted for many years now. The feedback from employees and managers is mostly positive. Our staff use the counselling both for existing problems and preventively.

Our partnership with the Fürstenberg Institut is an investment in our employees and we are happy to make it.

Hamburger Friedhöfe -AöR- 

Thanks to the Fürstenberg Institut, our employees and managers always get professional counselling, regardless of the time or location – exactly when they need this support.

BurdaServices GmbH, Offenburg

Whether it’s about team conflicts or employee health problems, you can always offer us a trustworthy and highly qualified counsellor or contact person.


The Employee Assistance Program from the Fürstenberg Institut has been a core component of our company health management since 2012. We are delighted that the service has been so well accepted by our bank. The Fürstenberg Institut enjoys the full approval of our employees and managers as a contact partner for work-related and private issues. This reassures us that we have a competent partner at our side in the shape of the Fürstenberg Institut.

Volksbank Rhein-Lippe eG, Wesel



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