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Organisation Consulting

Employee health and company success 

Healthy, productive and motivated employees are the backbone of every organisation. Business success largely depends on the three levels of Employees, Managers and Organisation operating together smoothly and pursuing the same objectives.

As experts for health-related organisation consulting, the Fürstenberg Institut’s consultants work closely with our business customers to create the right conditions for a sustainable co-existence.

While doing so, our focus is always on both company success and the health and further development of the employees.

The Organisation Consulting department and the Fürstenberg Institut’s Academy help companies, employees and managers adapt fully to the continually changing world of work, while also keeping track of their own health. 

Reinhild Fürstenberg

Vortrag Organisationsberatung
Vortrag Organisationsberatung

Our connected services include:

  • Strategy consulting on employee retention, reconciliation of work, family and private life, working in heterogeneous teams with a view to demographic and digital change
  • Strategic support in change processes
  • Systematic absence management
  • Strategy consulting on healthy company culture
  • Company health and performance management, e.g. employee survey to assess the status quo regarding company health management (CHM), as well as supporting and shaping the CHM processes in the company
  • Risk assessment of mental stress, e.g. development and implementation of measures for complying with statutory requirements and increasing the employees’ satisfaction and performance levels
  • Implementation of company integration management (CIM)
  • Implementation of company addiction prevention
  • Implementation of emergency and crisis management

All the services can be connected to the wide-ranging, nationwide Academy and coaching services based on Fürstenberg quality standards. 

Many customers use the annual, anonymised reporting of the Employee Assistance Program as a strategic starting point and valuable measurement of the mood in the company and the topics that most concern the employees.


The connection of the Organisation Consulting to the further qualification measures of the Fürstenberg Academy and the Employee Assistance Program makes our service unique on the German market.

Reinhild Fürstenberg

Healthy & motivated
Being successful
through healthy leadership
Zuhören Organisationsberatung



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