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Work-Life Service

Reconciliation of work, family and private life.
The feeling of knowing that everything is taken care of.

Every phase of life has its special challenges.

Today, a healthy work-life balance is an important reason for choosing which company to work for.

We help your employees and managers to perfectly shape the interaction of work, family and private life, because it is only when people have a clear head that they can work to their full potential.

The Fürstenberg Work-Life Service doesn’t only help with matters regarding child care, family care and household needs, but also includes information counselling and practical assistance in phases of professional change. From starting a career (apprentices), to returning to work after parental leave, reconciling work and private life, mid-career issues and on to preparing for retirement.

Having satisfied, well-balanced employees is a key competitive factor for ensuring company success over the long term. 

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How does the 
Work-Life Service actually work?

Which concerns does the Fürstenberg Institut’s Work-Life-Service assist you with? 

In what way are employees really helped?

Find out more in our video!


What makes the Fürstenberg Work-Life Service special:

  • Counselling, analysis tools and targeted measures for all of life’s important phases with regard to employees, managers and the company as a whole.
  • A point of contact for all connected services, and we work closely with you to make your company even more attractive as an employer.
  • Top marks for the quality of the counselling, and this has been shown to have a positive effect on our clients’ work.
  • The customer service can be contacted in person around the clock and, in emergencies or during holidays, can quickly provide quality-checked care possibilities for children and family members in need.
  • Nationwide referrals and complementary services like digital offers, free presentations and a comprehensive knowledge portal.
  • Work-life company check and tried-and-tested concepts for in-house care possibilities, such as a room for parents and children (emergency care), mini-nurseries and training for care guides, implementation of work, family and private life.
  • Qualifications for managers on topics like leading people through different life phases and managing heterogeneous teams. 

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95% of users
are “highly satisfied”
Cost control
through flat rates
via thorough order clarification

How can we help you?

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